Search box example

The campus search feature is powered by Google Custom Search Engine (CSE). By default the search box on a Web Express website is set to search all of For many small sites this default setting should be sufficient.

Some of our larger websites (e.g. College & School sites) have a search this site feature. Search this site feature allows you to confine a visitors search results to just your site. This is best for sites with 1000's of nodes of content. If visitors have a hard time finding content on your site consider using this feature. Small sites with less than 100 nodes should choose the default search option, search This will be the best user experience and allow users to view search results that emphasize their site first then be served results from other sites in the university domain. 

Request Advanced Search Settings

Subdomain sites

Subdomain sites (i.e. can request to be added to the campus central search index. Subdomain sites are obligated to meet the campus policies for Brand Standards and Accessibility before they will be added to the main search index. You can submit a request to be considered for campus search.