Facilitated Project Delivery Selection Matrix 

Benefits: Provide more detail, serves as the basis for a team workshop, creates alignment amongest team members

Restrictions: Requires more knowledge to facilitate, takes more time to complete

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Documents to download: Introduction Documents and Full Project Delivery Selection Matrix

To open or download the editable and savable word document version of the Facilitated PDSM, click on the image below.

Full PDSM download link

Note: It is recommended to use a facilitator when performing this project delivery selection matrix. Facilitators can be contacted below: 

Keith Molenaar: keith.molenaar@colorado.edu
Justin Whittaker: jwhittaker@filanc.com
Jim Mallorey: jmallorey@mwrd.dst.co.us

This PDSM was developed through research at the University of Colorado Boulder.  We are providing this selection tool in a Word format so that owner agencies, engineers, design-builders and contractors can modify the content to suit their unique needs.  We are happy to provide this tool at no cost.  The University of Colorado would only ask that you send us any comments to improve the PDSM.  We would also like to request a copy of your completed PDSM for our project database.  We will only use these data in aggregate to better understand what is driving project delivery decisions across the industry.  The details of your project data will not be associated with the project name in any forum without prior consent.  Please send any comments or completed PDSMs to Keith.Molenaar@Colorado.EDU.