The Design Build Institute of America Rocky Mountain Region (DBIA RMR) Water/Wastewater (Committee) found a growing need to identify which project delivery method could be used on water and wastewater construction projects. Each owner and project is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all delivery method. The goal of the Committee was to develop a tool, the project delivery selection matrix (PDSM) for owners to use when selecting a delivery method. The outcome of the PDSM is an objective project delivery selection report that documents this key decision and communicates it to the project stakeholders.


The Committee, with the help of a research team from the University of Colorado Boulder, has developed two versions of the selection tool; one which can be used to facilitate a ½ day workshop with key team members (Facilitated PDSM) and one that can be done in a few hours with one or more decision-makers (Abridged PDSM). Before using either of these tools, please download and read the background and instruction documents.

These background documents define specific terms, provides instructions on how to assess evaluation criteria, and provides a basis of understanding of delivery methods which is helpful when using the PDSM tool.

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To download the Project Delivery Selection Matrix, click on either the Fascilitated PDSM or Abridged PDSM tabs at the top of the page.

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