WASHing Learning: predicting sustainability of Tanzania's rural handpumps using the Taarifa dataset

Vladimir is a second-year Master’s student in Environmental Engineering and Science at Stanford University. Vladimir’s research focuses on the availability of Water Sanitation and Hygiene services in Sub-Saharan Africa’s rural communities and health care facilities. In particular, he is interested in analyzing the necessary and sufficient conditions to sustain WASH services over time in specific contexts. In his current research Vladimir applies Machine Learning techniques to identify correlations between environmental factors and sustainability of handpumps in Tanzania. At Stanford, Vladimir is a member of Jenna Davis’ Poop Group and is a researcher and operator at the William and Cloy Codiga Resource Recovery Center. Vladimir is passionate about tackling potable water scarcity issues at local and global scale. Vladimir also holds BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (France). He is interested in (the design of) both low and high technologies.