The organizers of the 2018 Colorado WASH Symposium in Boulder, CO would like to engage academics, practitioners, researchers, professionals, and students who have a passion for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to participate in our annual Symposium on March 6-7, 2018. We believe that creating diverse networks of people who research, evaluate, and implement interesting approaches across the WASH sector is essential to sharing and promoting the innovative ideas that are needed for achieving and sustaining the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our objective is to foster meaningful connections that lead to enhanced understanding and collaboration across professions and disciplines on critical WASH issues.

The CO WASH organizing committee is soliciting 1) letters of interest and 2) abstracts for sessions at the 2018 Colorado WASH Symposium.

Letters of Interest: Proposals for workshops, breakout sessions, panels, or other creative sessions on divergent topics within the WASH sector. These sessions will be 40-80 minutes, and collaboration between multiple presenters and organizations is highly encouraged. Letters of Interest are due November 15, 2017. Click here for more information and to apply.

Abstracts: Proposals for short oral presentations or posters on research, projects, and programs related to the WASH sector. Short oral presentations will be roughly 20 minutes. Posters will be on display throughout the conference and at a specific poster session. Abstracts are due December 15, 2017. Click here for more information and to apply.

Travel Funding: The Colorado WASH organizing committee has limited funding to support travel to the symposium for excellent applicants to the call for Letters of Interest or the call for Abstracts. Please indicate in your application if you are interested in learning more about our travel funding opportunities. If you are seeking funding from other resources, please let us know if there is a specific date by which you need a response on your Letter of Interest or Abstract.

About the Symposium: The 6th annual Colorado WASH Symposium (March 6-7, 2018) is an unconventional student-organized event that brings together premier speakers from the academic, practitioner, and NGO sectors engaged in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene research and practice. The programming of the symposium is designed to create an open and candid dialogue around some of the most pressing challenges and emerging issues in the WASH field. The two-day event consists of panels, presentations, and interactive sessions. In keeping with a tradition of openness and engagement, the event is free and open to the public. More information about the symposium can be found on the links above.