The White Antelope Memorial and First Nations Program is dedicated to academic success and Native American community building.

Program requirements include:

  • Attend and participate in two (2) designated Native American building community events/activities each semester. 
  • Meet the minimum of two (2) meetings each semester with the Academic Specialist/Graduate Assistant, regarding academic success strategies. Students are welcome and encouraged to meet more.
  • Achieve a required 2.50 grade point average (GPA), 12 credit hours a semester (24 in an academic year). If not achieved, a Probationary status may be an option, provided there are extenuating circumstances, with acceptable documentation.  
  • Participate in the White Antelope Memorial Program (WAM)/First Nations Program (FN) Leadership, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity (LEAD) Alliance Program. 
  • Membership in the program will be renewed each semester provided all WAM program requirements are fulfilled and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is maintained. Membership in the program may be continued for four years (8 semesters). Transfer students have varying years of renewal eligibility.
  • Submit proof of tribal affiliation to a state or federally recognized tribe.