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Go all in! Alternative Breaks sends teams of college students to engage in meaningful service during their breaks from school. This week-long journey over spring break provides students with the opportunity to explore the United States while making a difference through service, reflecting upon their experience and creating long-lasting connections with others. To learn more, review the Alternative Breaks Participant Expectations. We hope you’ll be a part of this experience!

Program Cost

There is an all-inclusive fee required for participation (includes transportation, food, lodging, community partner fees, some entertainment activities and most means). Program costs vary by each program's location and activities. Thanks to our generous supporters, there is no fee associated with partcipation in the 2023 Alternative Spring Break program!


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  • Program Description: Are you interested in the humane treatment of animals? Well, you’re in luck! We're partnering with an animal sanctuary dedicated to the rehabilitation of dogs. Over the course of the week, we will support the sanctuary by maintaining the native wildlife habitat and caring for abandoned and abused dogs. Be prepared for additional activities devoted to engaging in local culture and lots of time spent outdoors working closely with team members.
  • Location: Tennessee
  • Program Dates: Saturday, March 25 – Sunday, April 2

Meet the Site LeadersAna (left) and Jacquie (right).

Hey everyone! Our names are Anastasia Gallegos (she/her) and Jacquie Pankratz (she/her) and we’re excited to be leading this project. Anastasia is studying journalism with minors in sociology and leadership and a certificate in Latinx studies. Jacquie is a junior studying biochemistry with a minor in molecular, cellular and developmental biology and certificate in neuroscience.

This is our first year working with Alternative Breaks. We are grateful for the opportunity to develop more mindful practices related to service-learning, while building authentic relationships within the community we will serve.

If you’re someone who wants to learn more about animal welfare while working alongside a supportive team of students and community members, then pack your bags and join us in this experience! 

  • Program Description: Spend your spring break improving the lives and homes of those affected by natural disasters with a group of fellow CU students. You will be working in an area that has been continuously hit by hurricanes and major flooding, with an organization that focuses on long-term recovery from disasters. On this program, you’ll be immeresed in teamwork and will gain valuable skills by doing a variety of construction tasks that site supervisors will train you on.
  • Location: Louisiana
  • Program Dates: Saturday, March 25 – Sunday, April 2

Meet the Site LeadersKat (left) and Michi (right).

Hi all! We’re Kat (she/her) and Michi (they/she), the co-site leaders for Disaster Relief: Rebuilding through Community offered spring break 2023! We are also the co-directors for the National Residence Hall Honorary. Kat is currently getting her master's in accounting through the accelerated master's program at the Leeds School of Business. Michi is a sophomore studying flute performance and computer science. We were drawn to Alternative Breaks because of the opportunity to do intentional service for a specific community, and through that service, learn more about ourselves and the community we will be serving. We are both so excite to share our program with you all! 

  • Program Description: Spend your spring break showing our environment a little love by teaming up with a conservancy that has been committed to restoration, education and recreation for over half a century! Your participation will help this organization continue to protect over 60 animal, plant and insect species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our team will engage in various projects around the conservancy, some of which may include invasive plant removal, fence repair, trail maintenance, beach clean-up and more. Come join us in this hands-on program and let's get inspired to become responsible stewards of the living Earth!
  • Location: California
  • Program Dates: Saturday, March 25 – Sunday, April 2

Meet the Site LeadersNatalie (left) and Bhawana (right).

Hey, Buffs! Our names are Natalie Clarke (she/her) and Bhawana Paudel (she/her), and we’re thrilled to be your site leaders for our spring break program!

Natalie is a sophomore studying environmental engineering with a minor in engineering management. Bhawana is a junior studying ecology and evolutionary biology with minors in biochemistry and astronomy.

Bhawana became interested in leading a program as a former AB participant, and Natalie became intereted through her membership on the Volunteer Resource Center Board. We’re excited to explore some of the intersections between environmental issues and social justice. Join us to learn more about natural conservation and learn why the Earth means the world to us!

  • Program Description: Join us over spring break as we volunteer at a local community food bank that serves families at risk of hunger. We will be working in an environment where one in seven individuals do not know where their next meal will come from. On our program we will be aiming to give more resources to families in need or struggling with food accessibility. We hope that the work we’re doing will be able to reach a broader community and benefit individuals that come from all different walks of life! 
  • Location: Nevada
  • Program Dates: Saturday, March 25 – Sunday, April 2

Meet the Site LeadersAva and Deztine

Hi everyone! Our names are Ava Daley (she/her) and Deztine Carter (she/her) and we are really excited to be leading Help Beet Food Insecurity!

Ava is a junior majoring in elementary education and Deztine is a journalism major with an ethnic studies minor. This is our first year as site leaders and we are thrilled to bring you all along during this journey to help the lives of so many! Alternative Breaks has opened us up to new opportunities, created new bonds with other CU students and furthered our understanding of what it means to serve for the greater good of a community in need. We hope that you’ll join us in BEETing food insecurity!