forge nano

Forge Nano Joins Soteria Battery Innovation Group Consortium built to improve battery safety, performance and innovation

July 29, 2021

Forge Nano, a global leader in Atomic Layer Deposition technology, offers advanced nano coatings that drastically improve the performance and safety of batteries.

justin and tyler of meati foods

Expect fungi-based steak on your plate by 2022: CU Boulder spinout Meati raises $50 million

July 15, 2021

Meati uses the roots of mushrooms to produce whole cuts, like steak ready to slice on top of a salad or chicken breast breaded and fried as a sandwich. Much of the funds from its recent Series B will go toward completing construction on an 80,000-square-foot production plant, which will soon pump out millions of pounds of Meati in time for a commercial launch in 2022. Meati was founded in 2019 by Huggins and CTO Justin Whiteley, after meeting at CU Boulder while working toward their own PhDs.


ColdQuanta reaches quantum computer milestone by demonstrating immense scalability of ‘cold atom’ processor approach

July 7, 2021

“Our Cold Atom Method stands out among other modalities by demonstrating the potential for unmatched qubit scalability," said Paul Lipman, president of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta. "We are on the brink of delivering a compelling platform and on the doorstep of commercialization.”

vitrivax vaccines

VitriVax announces Series A financing to further demonstrate feasibility of its thermostable, single-dose vaccine technology, aiming to make life-saving biologics widely accessible to underserved populations globally

July 7, 2021

VitriVax, a CU Boulder spinout that is a developer of a novel stabilization and delivery platform for vaccines and therapeutics, today announced it has closed its first institutional financing round with Adjuvant Capital. VitraVax's Atomic Layering Thermostable Antigen and Adjuvant (ALTA™) technology platform is designed to enable the development of vaccines that can be transported and stored without complex refrigeration and temperature monitoring requirements.

solid power

CU spinout Solid Power, industry-leading all-solid-state battery producer, to list on NASDAQ

June 21, 2021

Solid Power's merger with Riverstone Holdings LLC's Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III constitutes a significant milestone in commercialization of Solid Power's next generation all-solid-state batteries. Upon closing, the combined company is expected to list on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol "SLDP".

hug solutions team with prototype

Monetizing Covid: Solutions get booster shot at universities

June 1, 2021

New ways to fight the economic and social devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic are being born and raised at universities in the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado. Technology-transfer and accelerator entities at the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University in Fort Collins are helping them get the entrepreneurial support they need to hasten them to market.

meati foods factory mockup

CU spinout Meati Foods puts roots down with new factory in Thornton

May 27, 2021

Meati co-founders, Tyler Huggins, CEO, and Justin Whiteley, CTO, are CU Boulder alumni who went into business first to develop battery technology. They shifted to plant-based meat substitutes believing they would be nutritious and more environmentally sustainable than traditionally raised animal meat.

cold quanta tech

CU spinout ColdQuanta adds $20M to speed up commercialization

May 13, 2021

Continuing what has been a busy year for the startup, Boulder-based ColdQuanta has brought on $20 million to help commercialize its quantum computing technology. The investment brings ColdQuanta’s total funding to $74 million and comes from existing investors including Foundry Group, Global Frontier Quantum Opportunity Fund, LCP Quantum Partners and Maverick Ventures.

solid power

BMW and Ford invest in CU Boulder spinout Solid Power to secure all solid-state batteries for future electric vehicles

May 4, 2021

Solid Power, an industry-leading producer of all solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, today announced a $130 million Series B investment round. The investment positions Solid Power to produce full-scale automotive batteries, increase associated material output and expand in-house production capabilities for future vehicle integration.


The world's first fully automated benchtop digital genome engineering platform from CU spinout Inscripta is here

May 2, 2021

As synthetic biology continues to grow, advanced benchtop systems are becoming available to make research and product development easier. Now, Inscripta, a digital genome engineering company, has announced the first commercial shipment of its Onyx platform. The platform is the world's first fully automated benchtop instrument for genome-scale engineering. Inscripta also announced its Series E funding of $150 million.