Going beyond the lab


...and into the marketplace

Research-to-Market (R2M) is a short course and mini-accelerator that teaches scientific and engineering teams the process of customer discovery – the first critical step to moving cutting-edge technology toward commercialization.

R2M Returns Spring 2020 - Stay Tuned for Details Coming Soon!

The Program Details

Here's what people have to say about R2M:

"It drove me out of my comfort zone of hard technology research and made me think more about the business side of the puzzle."

"This type of program seems almost like a necessity when trying to develop something from within the University. It provided a lot of information."

  • R2M, presented by Venture Partners at CU Boulder's Commercialization Academy, teaches technical inventors how to find a market for their technology, using the process of customer discovery and guidance from established entrepreneurs.
  • R2M consists of three days of in-person lectures, team presentations and workshops, combined with 30 interviews done off-campus in a target industry.
  • Over three weeks, teams will have the opportunity to meet and build connections with industry experts and mentors.
  • Derived from the National Science Foundation's I-Corps™ program, R2M leverages the nationally-recognized Lean LaunchPad and Business Model Canvas methodologies.


In order to participate in R2M, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Teams must contain two or more people and have a technology or innovative idea.
  • CU teams must disclose their technology or innovative idea to Venture Partners at CU Boulder. Download the form here.
  • Teams must complete the pre-homework, which includes readings, watching short videos and setting up first interviews.
  • Teams must be able to work part-time for three weeks in order to transform their technology into a potential product.

How to Apply


For questions, please email Sally Hatcher, Commercialization Academy Director for Venture Partners at CU Boulder:  sally.hatcher@colorado.edu.