Daniel Leonard
Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist

Daniel is a results-driven leader and communicator who strongly focuses on service excellence to empower teams to reach their full potential. He creates environments that foster growth and adaptation, utilizing candid 360-degree feedback and modeling personal wellness and a strong work ethic to drive continuous improvement in himself and others. He brings people together to develop systemic organizational solutions that deliver impactful results.

With a data-driven approach, Daniel prioritizes evidence-based decision-making. He leverages qualified data analysis, experimentation, and principled debate to inform his strategies. As a seasoned marketer and communicator, he specializes in pricing strategy, market economics, and executing multimedia promotional campaigns. Daniel's current area of interest lies at the intersection of successful public communications and accessible science and research. He is a lifelong learner, constantly exploring new avenues to enhance his skills.

Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, Daniel believes they are essential for any venture's success. He upholds values such as accountability, creativity, equity, compassion, and truth in his work.