Published: March 6, 2023


With the rapid developments of wireless communication, automotive radar, and high-transmission technologies, there is an increasing demand for millimeter-wave (mmW) signals. Traditional electronic synthesizers suffer from a bandwidth limited to below 100 GHz, are bulky, and have relatively low power efficiency.


mmW Frequency Synthesizer using Integrated Photonics Frequency Combs

Researchers at CU Boulder and the National Institute of Standards in Technology have developed a wide-band mmW synthesizer based on photomixing between two microresonator soliton combs. Stable and tunable mmW signals in the frequency range of 50 GHz to 1 THz and potentially beyond are possible.

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  • Can be integrated onto a single chip or device
  • Decreased size as compared to standard electronic synthesizer
  • Lower power consumption / higher power efficiency
  • High tuning accuracy and signal stability
  • Broad frequency range from 50 GHz to 1 THz

Market Applications

  • Radar / Lidar
  • Precise Spectroscopy
  • Wireless Communications

What's Next?

This technology is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing. 


Nicole Forsberg: