Published: Aug. 25, 2022


CBDA is a cannabinoid that has recently started to gather attention in the cannabis space. It is being studied for its positive effects on human health. These effects are unique to CBDA and go beyond what has been seen in other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. CBDA is the natural precursor of CBD. It is desirable to have very pure cannabinoids for use in cannabis research labs. In Addition, manufacturers would benefit from the ability to blend products more accurately for nutraceutical or therapeutic uses. Cannabinoid acids like CBDA are of particular interest but unfortunately are frequently lost during extraction due to their unstable nature.


Synthesis and purification of CBDAResearchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a novel process for producing high-purity, colorless CBDA. Since CBDA rapidly breaks down it can be difficult to isolate. This process converts CBD to CBDA in a single step. The product produced is desirable for researchers as it is chemically pure, odorless, and colorless.


This new method of producing CBDA has significant advantages over the current methods. First, it produces a higher quality product, the material formed is odorless and colorless as opposed to the current CBDA on the market which has impurities and discoloration. Second, it can be produced without the need for further purification. This not only makes it quicker than current processes but also more cost effective. The lab making the products wouldn’t have to buy expensive lab equipment and have high level staff trained to use chromatography equipment. Instead, a simple chemical process without any additional post processing.


  • Cannabinoid research labs
  • Edibles manufacturers
  • Cannabinoid concentrate production

Stage of Development

Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 4.

What's Next?

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