Published: Aug. 11, 2017


U.S. growers and beehive owners lose millions annually to beehive collapse.

Market Opportunity


  • Hardware revenues for replacement of today’s “dumb" hives with HTS’s smart hives;
  • Recurring subscription revenues for actionable & real-time hive-health data;
  • Brokering fees to replace the $150 million+ currently paid to non-science based brokers acting as go-betweens to growers and hive owners.


Hive Tech Solutions is developing an innovative system to help beekeepers, growers, and state and federal agencies effectively monitor and improve the health and survival rate of honeybees. The company’s system includes a new hive design and proprietary software based on data collected at CU Boulder to monitor key metrics that indicate deteriorating honeybee health. In addition to winning CU Boulder's New Venture Challenge, the company has also obtained a USDA SBIR grant for over $97,000 to further their research and product development.