timeThe implementation product of this research study will be a contract time estimating tool that provides state transportation agencies the flexibility of estimating contract time across a broad range of project types. The tool will include a database containing state transportation agency historical project data that will be used to calculate production rates and data that characterize the production rates. The tool will also include parametric models that can be used to estimate contract time based on project quantities for specific project types based on both size and scope. For project types that do not adhere to any specific parametric models, the tool will also include a method to estimate contract time of specific construction activities and combining the activity durations in estimating the overall project duration. The databases within the tool will be constructed in MS Office Excel, and will include:

  1. Relevant Historical Project Data that will be used to calculate Production Rates.
  2. Production Rates, and/or the ability to calculate Production Rates.
  3. Factors to apply to data, based on characterizing information.
  4. A user’s guide that explains how to use the database to generate Production Rates.
  5. A method to use the database to estimate contract time based on significant project characteristics.

In addition to the described tool, the research will develop a research report that will include documentation of the research process, data collection, and the research results.