Published: Sept. 5, 2019

The Office of the Vice Provost for Summer Session requests grant applications for the Summer Session Online Courses Development Grant.

Online Course Development Grants

CU Summer Session requests grant applications for the funding of the development and teaching of online courses in Summer Session 2020.

The mission of Summer Session is to provide quality, innovative courses and programs to a diverse student population at CU Boulder. Summer Session began offering online courses taught by tenure or tenure track faculty in 2009. Approximately 8,000 students enroll in Summer Session terms. The vast majority are our own CU Boulder degree students. Over 150 online sections were offered in 2019. Many, but not all, were first offered through this grant funding.

Faculty will receive a $5,000 development stipend (for a 3-credit course) and will work one-on-one with an instructional designer to develop the course. The course will be offered in Summer Session 2020. The grant covers a development stipend of $5,000, the faculty salary, the TA/grader salary (where appropriate and in keeping with college and department policy). Faculty salaries are determined by the school or college Summer Session salary schedule. Priority will be given to courses that meet major, minor or core/general education requirements and are taught by tenure or tenure-track faculty.

The online course design work can occur in the spring 2020 semester. All course development work must be completed by May 1, 2020. The stipend is paid after the course is developed. The faculty member must be eligible for the “overload” to allow for the course development.

Department chairs should submit an electronic copy of the online grant proposals to their respective Summer Session dean by Monday, Sept. 29, 2019. If more than one grant is submitted, the department chair should rank the submittals to the Summer Session dean. Please note that online courses are not offered during Maymester or Augmester.

The course MUST be on the CU Student Integrated System (CUSIS) with a session and time selected.

Learn More About Summer Session

For more information about Summer Session visit, contact the Summer Session dean in your school or college, or contact Armando Parés, Assistant Dean for Summer Session at

2020 Summer Session Deans

  • Program in Environmental Design – Peggy Gordon
  • Arts and Sciences – Patrick Tally
  • Leeds School of Business – Al Smith
  • School of Education – Travis Anderson
  • Engineering & Applied Science – Doug Smith
  • Media, Communication & Information – Cindy White
  • School of Law – Blake Reid
  • College of Music – John Davis

Summer 2020 Sessions, Dates, & Section Numbers

Sessions Dates Regular Section # Controlled Enrollment Section #
M (BAM) 5/11/20–5/29/20 001–049 800–809
A (BAS) 6/1/20–7/2/20 100–199 810–819
B (BBS) 7/7/20–8/7/20 200–299 820–829
C (BCS) 6/1/20–7/24/20 300–399 830–839
D (BD1) 6/1/20–8/7/20 400–499 840–849
Campus Closures

Memorial Day – Monday, May 25, 2020
Independence Day – Saturday, July 4, 2020