Published: June 6, 2019
Summer Session Student walking near Varsity Lake.

If you are taking summer courses and find you need some help to understand the material, there are lots of resources on campus to support you.  Below is a list of those resources organized by department or campus unit.

If you need help in a class and the department isn't listed here, contact the department. They may have recommendations for ways to get the support you need to succeed in their course.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Support

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments provide a help room staffed by TA’s for every course. Students enrolled in summer chemistry and biochemistry courses can come to the help room for assistance during its operating hours. Be sure to check your course syllabi for specific help room times and locations.

The departments also provide:

If you have any questions about chemistry and biochemistry student support, please call (303) 492-8950 or send an email to

Continuing Education Support

If you are enrolled in an online Continuing Education course this summer, you have access to the Online Composition Hub, a free tutoring service for students.

  • Online Composition Hub tutors specialize in helping students with traditional papers, but can also assist with web design, video, blogging, Prezi, PowerPoint, professional materials (resumes, cover letters, etc.), and other projects as well.
  • Tutors and students share assignments via Google docs and students have the option of communicating with tutors synchronously via Skype or Google Hangout or asynchronously via email.

Engineering and Applied Sciences Support

The Engineering and Applied Sciences Departments provides academic support to all engineering and pre-engineering students through its Bold Center.  Explore their website to find a tutor or drop-in tutoring sessions for various subjects every week.

Foreign Language Support

Anderson Language and Technology Center (ALTEC)

ALTEC is a state-of-the-art facility that supports the study of foreign languages and cultures. The center houses a large multimedia library of foreign language materials including DVDs, books, magazines, and computer programs. It also offers one of the best computer labs on campus and tutoring events.

Asian Languages and Civilizations

The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations maintains a list of Graduate students who tutor Chinese and Japanese students.

If you are interested in using a tutor, please contact the language coordinators: and

French and Italian

The Department of French and Italian offer a variety of support resources to its students including:

Spanish and Portuguese

The Spanish and Portuguese Department offers free walk-in tutoring sessions (15 minutes maximum per day per student) in the basement of McKenna Room #26. They also maintain a private tutor list for students interested in hiring a tutor.

Germanic and Slavic Languages

The Germanic and Slavic Languages Department provides a private tutor list for German, Russian, Hebrew, and Nordic languages.

International English Center (IEC)

The International English Center provides a private tutor list for students who would like extra help in various language skills including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Contact the IEC at to obtain the tutor list.

Mathematics Support

The Mathematics Department’s Academic Resource Center (MARC) offers students additional support for their CU Mathematics courses including tutoring. Visit the MARC website to learn more or contact Daniel Moritz at

Philosophy Support

The Philosophy Department offers tutoring by matching graduate students in philosophy with undergraduates seeking tutoring support, especially in logic.

Email Terri Baldridge ( for more information.

Physics Support

The Physics Department offers a help room with tutors for various Physics classes throughout the week. The help room is held in Duane Physics Bldg, Room G2B90.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Support

The Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) provides a private tutor list for SLHS courses including, but not limited to, American Sign Language. Contact the SLHS academic advisor at to request the tutor list.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free one-to-one writing tutorials with professional writing consultants.

  • Students can bring in writing from any class at any stage of the writing process to receive feedback and advice.
  • Consultants can help students to clarify, articulate, and organize their ideas, improve sentence style, use citation appropriately, and become better at self-editing. Writing Center sessions must be reserved in advance.
  • The Writing Center is located in Norlin Commons E111.
  • Contact (303) 735-6906 or

Other Support Resources

  • Take advantage of teaching assistant and professor office hours.
  • The Student Academic Success Center is a multi-cultural academic learning community. Tutoring is provided for all students within the SASC program.
  • Student Athlete Tutoring: Athletes on varsity teams are eligible for tutoring through the Herbst Academic Center. Athletes are informed of tutoring services during orientation.
  • Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program (MASP): Students enrolled in MASP are provided Academic Co-Seminars and can obtain tutoring in EPOB, MCDB, Chemistry, Calculus, Writing, and Physics.
  • Buff Tutors
  • Buffalo Academy