United Mexican American Students y MECHA

UMAS y MECHA is a Chicanx and Latinx student group on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Our mission is to encourage respect, dignity, justice and equality for the Chicana/Chicano. To that end, we work with any organization that advances the rights of all people. We believe that the best form of resistence is created at a grass roots level and that marginalized people can take action into their own hands rather than waiting for support from other places. More than resistance we also build power as Chicanx and Latinx students at CU Boulder.

Our purpose is to unite Chicanx students to work on cultural, social, political, and educational issues which affect Chicanxs both on and off the CU Boulder campus.

  1. To encourage respect, dignity, justice, and equality for the Chicanx.
  2. To increase the educational development of the youth within our community.
  3. To work openly with any organization, which advances the empowerment and rights of all people.
  4. To work towards a greater understanding among all Raza (comrades) through cultural awareness in the schools and our communities.
  5. To educate the campus and community about our history, our struggles and our culturTo return to our communities and do all that is possible for the betterment of our Raza.

Culture and education are other important components of UMAS y MECHA. Because of that, we work to educate the campus and community about our history, our struggles, and our culture. In the course of our work, we create a strong community that allows new students to thrive at CU, retain Chicano/as in higher education, and create community leaders with the ultimate goal of having our people return to the community for the benefit of La Raza in mind. UMAS y MECHA emerged as a national organization in 1968 that worked to increase the cultural, social, political, and economic well being of Chicanx and Latinx students. We continue this tradition—critically, passionately, and in constant memory of the movement of the past to inform the ways in which we move today.

We invite you to join us for a meeting! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. For inquiries email umas@colorado.edu or mecha@colorado.edu. Also, connect with us on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram @umasymecha!


General Meetings

Every Other Thursday's at 5 PM Starting Sep 10, 2020
Through Zoom