Published: May 21, 2024

Student employee

Working on campus offers many benefits. Some jobs allow you to build technical skills and are a great way to explore potential careers. Others may offer some downtime and let you study around your job duties.  

Whatever you’re looking for, here are a few reasons to consider applying for an on-campus job this year.  

1. Enjoy a flexible schedule 

One of the best perks of an on-campus job is flexibility. Most student jobs offer flexible scheduling around your classes and other commitments, as well as during busy times of the semester (like finals).  

Many students work between 10 and 15 hours weekly, with 25 hours per week maximum. At your on-campus job, your academics stay the priority. 

2. Get to know fellow Buffs

The other students you work with can quickly become your new friends. Departments like the Rec Center, Environmental Center, Residence Life and Campus Dining Services are some of the largest employers of students. These jobs allow you to spend time with fellow Buffs and get to know them.  

On-campus jobs also offer the chance to work more closely with faculty and staff. They can become mentors and potentially lead to future internships or research opportunities. Additionally, faculty or staff supervisors can provide letters of recommendation or serve as professional references later.  

3. Gain professional experience and skills

Whatever department you work in, your student job can help you build your resume.  

Many students develop foundational skills at on-campus jobs that they can use in professional positions after college. These skills include communication, problem-solving, time management and leadership.   

There are also student jobs specific to different industries that can teach you technical skills. These roles include work in graphic design, event planning, social media, data analytics and research. 

Find student jobs 

Ready to apply? Use Handshake to search for on-campus student employment, including hourly and work-study positions. 

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