Published: May 12, 2022

If you live off campus and are moving into a new place, it’s good to be prepared. Here are some tips to help you have a successful move-out.

Know where your trash goes

Moving out can cause an abundance of waste. You could be fined up to $2,650 for violating Boulder trash ordinances. This includes improper disposal of your trash or personal belongings like couches and other large furniture. And if you live in neighborhoods west of Broadway, be sure you’re using bear-resistant waste bins. 

Looking for more tips for disposing of your waste?

  • Electronics are illegal to put in the landfill in Colorado. Waste haulers may not collect your bins if they see electronics in there. Computers and other electronics may be recycled at certain recycling centers including ChaRm.

  • Mattresses can be recycled! Look at Spring Back Colorado for more info on disposing of your mattress.

  • Large items can be picked up from your residence. Check out EcoCycle resources for more information.

Rather than buying new furniture, you can save money and help the environment by storing your furniture. Summer storage is available at the UPS Store on campus or check out cheap storage units around the Boulder area. You can also donate items around Boulder rather than throwing them away.

Review the move-out process

Make sure you know your move-out process or check in with your landlord to ask what is required of you. Review your lease for specific requirements you must meet before moving out like repairing holes in the walls, fixing minor damages, replacing air filters and other maintenance-related tasks. Many leases build in fines that can be charged for improper move-out. Check out your original move-in checklist so you know if there were pre-existing damages that you may not be responsible for. 

It may be worth investing in a cleaning service to deep clean your place to make sure you get your money back. Some landlords may want a deep cleaning before you move out and some may only require you to sweep the floors. Take a look at our suggested move-out procedures and make sure you fill out your check-out sheet. If you have any disputes with your landlord over your security deposit or other issues, you can schedule a free legal appointment with the Off-Campus & Neighborhood Relations (OCHNR) lawyer, Bruce Sarbaugh, or with Student Legal Services.

Need more resources to make your move-out a success? Check out the Environmental Center for tips on how to live more sustainably and visit OCHNR for logistical questions about your move-out.