Why is Thrifting Important?

Less clothing in landfills

Fewer resources used and wasted.

  • Making clothes takes a lot of water. It is estimated that one pair of jeans uses about 1,8000 gallons of water in growing the cotton used and in processing.
  • Thrifting will help keep these resources from going to waste and help stop the drive of companies to be constantly producing more

Helps to reduce chemical pollution

How can thrift shopping benefit you?

  • Cheaper!
  • Develop a unique wardrobe
  • Can find genuine vintage items or designer products at a fraction of the initial cost
  • Learn to upcycle and turn clothes into a unique piece of your own

There are two big ways to join the sustainable Herd in reusing:

  • Before you head to the store to buy something new, check thrift shops and online exchange sites.
  • Instead of throwing your old items out, donate them or sell them secondhand.
These two actions will save the Earth while saving you money! Lucky for you, Boulder has plenty of resources to help you reuse. Thrift stores aren't all clothes and furniture- you can reuse almost anything around here!