Published: Oct. 18, 2021

fall event on campusAre you interested in politics or world affairs? Do you want to work in public service? Or learn more about how the government works? There are many ways to connect with fellow Buffs who have similar interests. From student organizations to political events, here’s how to get involved if you are interested in government, politics or international affairs.

Discover campus programs

There’s no better time to learn about programs and opportunities that give you insight into politics and world affairs. Here are some places to get started.

CU Boulder Student Government (CUSG): CUSG is the official governing body of the nearly 34,000 students at CU Boulder. CUSG serves and has a meaningful impact on the lives of students through advocacy, representation, allocation and legislation. Beyond voting for new tri-executives each year, there are many ways to get involved in student government to ensure your voice is heard. 

CU in D.C. internship program: CU in D.C. allows you to put classroom learning into real-world action. Participants spend time living, studying and interning in the nation’s capital. You can gain work experience at your internship in the daytime and continue your CU coursework with evening classes. It’s a chance to network, learn more about the political world in the U.S. and grow your abilities professionally, personally and intellectually.

Activate: Activate is your first stop to understanding your role as a voter in your community. Whether you’re wanting to learn about how to engage in your community’s political process or discover the resources available to you as a student activist, Activate is a great resource to start. 

CU Mini Law School: This seven-week series is designed for non-lawyers, and is a great way to learn what law school is like. There are no required readings, tests or homework assignments – just a great opportunity to learn about the law.

BuffConnect: With over 500 student organizations, there is something for everyone. The list is organized by category to help you find and explore new organizations. Try searching the “government and politics” category to find an organization that sounds interesting to you. 

Conference on World Affairs (CWA): CWA is an annual event each spring, open for our campus and Boulder communities. The conference allows you to learn from experts from around the world about all topics on world affairs. Attend the conference to be inspired by exchanging ideas, acquiring knowledge and gaining new insights.

CU International Festival (iFest): This annual festival that happens in the spring is the largest student-organized event on campus. Learn about different cultures through booths, performances, food and interactive activities. For a deeper connection, join the iFest committee and be part of a diverse group of people to celebrate cultural diversity on campus.

Attend events

A great way to meet people who share your interests and learn something together is by attending events. Be on the lookout for activities you can be a part of to learn more!

Try things on your own

If you’d like to explore on your own or with a friend, here are a few suggestions of activities you can do in your own time.

  • Make sure you’re registered to vote.
  • Vote in upcoming local elections.
  • Research your local legislators and politicians.
  • Spend time in the library researching how your local government works or other countries’ political systems.
  • Volunteer or join a political party or non-partisan group you follow.
  • Volunteer to register voters.
  • Attend city council meetings.
  • Take a political science class.
  • Meet with friends to discuss a cause and contact your legislators to make change.

For more tips and resources for getting involved, visit the Student Affairs website, check out student events and be sure to follow us on social media @CUBoulderLife on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!