Published: Jan. 19, 2021

Did you know there are departments and programs at CU Boulder dedicated to helping you explore your interests? Check out some ways to get started in finding the things that you really like. 

1. Volunteering

The time you give back matters and your role as a volunteer can have a meaningful impact on the community you serve. 

The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) has many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. Consider subscribing to their newsletter to stay up to date on volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community. 

If you want to gain skills and learn more about community issues, consider registering for SKOServe. These mini educational trainings explore various topics related to volunteering and social and environmental justice. These sessions through the VRC allow you to gain knowledge and awareness of your role as a volunteer.

students playing tennis in masks2. Health and wellness

If you’re interested in health and wellness, here are some ways you can get involved.

3. Inclusion and diversity

Do you enjoy learning about and celebrating other cultures? Get involved with these organizations.

  • Dennis Small Cultural Center (DSCC): As the cultural diversity center of the UMC, the DSCC partners with campus departments and student groups to celebrate nationally recognized history and heritage months throughout the year.
  • Multicultural Greek Council: These organizations provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, cultural awareness and academic scholarship.
  • Center for Inclusion and Social Change: This center supports all students in the exploration of all of their identities. They create a welcoming and inclusive space on campus that supports academic and personal growth. Check out other programs and events to get involved.

4. Sustainability and the environment

Did you know that CU Boulder was the first university to establish a recycling program? The Environmental Center has many programs to help you go green. Join the Sustainable Buffs Community for opportunities to engage in community building, education and leadership in sustainability.

You can sign the pledge to be a Sustainable Buff and learn other ways to help your environment

5. Leadership

There are many ways to develop your leadership skills as well. Consider becoming a Journey Leader. They are students who help new students and families feel welcome at CU by sharing stories, answering questions and directing them to resources.

You can also apply to be a CU Student Ambassador to give tours to prospective students and their families. In case you missed it, check out top leadership opportunities you don’t want to miss and be sure to visit the Center for Leadership website for more ways to grow as a leader on campus.

For more ways to explore your interests: