The effectiveness of your photography can make or break the impact of your communications.

Learn how to increase the consistency and effectiveness of your visual communications through trainings on photography basics and best practices, in addition to examples of how to shoot in the Be Boulder photographic style.

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    How to Use the Photo Database

    • Photos are searchable by keywords using the QuickFind search window at the top of the page.

    • For a larger image preview, double click on the image thumbnail. The item ID and description of the image can be found in this preview. To close the preview, click anywhere outside the pop-up window.

    • To select photos as favorites, use the check mark button at the bottom right of the thumbnail.  To see your selections, use the selected button to the right of the QuickFind window. To deselect an image from here, click the check mark. 

    • The images on this site are low resolution and are suitable for CU-related websites and PowerPoint presentations. To download low resolution images, either drag and drop the preview image to your desktop, or choose “Save Image As…” in the right click menu. Low resolution images are not suitable for use in print publications. 

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    Using High Resolution Images

    • To use an image in a print publication, it is advisable to obtain the high resolution image from the office of Strategic Relations. There is a fee associated with using high resolution images. For use in a CU-affiliated website, PowerPoint or print publication, each image will cost $25.

    • For use in an unaffiliated website, PowerPoint or print publication, each image will cost $125.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, or to obtain high resolution images, please contact or call 303-492-3119 for assistance.  To ensure that you receive the correct image, order each image by its item ID number.

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