The Creating Academic Pathways in STEM (CAPS): A Model Ecosystem for Supporting 2-Year Transfer project is part of the National Science Foundation's INCLUDES initiative to improve the preparation, increase the participation, and ensure the contributions of individuals from groups that have traditionally been underrepresented and underserved in the STEM enterprise, including women, members of racial and ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, and persons with low socio-economic status. The grand challenge of broadening participation in STEM is to transform the STEM enterprise at all levels in order to fully engage the nation’s talent for the ultimate improvement of the STEM enterprise. Please visit the National Science Foundation's INCLUDES project description for more information.Creating Academic Pathways in STEM

The CAPS project—one of 40 launch pilot projects awarded NSF funding in late 2016—aims to create a systemwide, layered and integrated network for supportive pathways for 2-year students to transfer to CU Boulder to puruse STEM Bachelor's degrees. The overall aim of the project is to flatten the landscape of the higher education system in Colorado and create an effective, networked, holistic ecosystem, such that students who attend Colorado 2-year colleges are able to easily understand and navigate clearly specified pathways continuing and supporting their STEM education at any of Colorado's 4-year institutions.

For information on other awarded INCLUDES grants, please see the list of awardees.

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