The CAPS (Creating Academic Pathways in STEM) project at the University of Colorado Boulder can help students at two-year community colleges find their STEM future.The word STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

We are calling all Colorado community college students interested in pursuing a 4-year bachelor's degree in a STEM field. Whether they have spent two semesters, two years or more at a Colorado community college, CU Boulder acknowleges and respects their focused academic work, and we will help them navigate the process as they consider transferring to CU Boulder.

Students interested in engineering, physics, biology, or many other STEM possibilities are looking in the right direction if they are considering CU Boulder as we have excellent STEM programs that allow them to follow their dreams for a future in a STEM field.

The Creating Academic Pathways in STEM initiative is funded by the National Science FoundationThe CAPS project is a National Science Foundation-funded project (grant no. 1649201) to increase the participation in STEM careers to fully engage our nation’s talent in the field. The CAPS Project collaborates with CU Boulder's Office of Admissions, the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering & Applied Science, among many others, to ensure you understand your transfer options into the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder. For more information, read about the CAPS project or visit the National Science Foundation's INCLUDES project description.