Published: Nov. 6, 2023
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Supervisor development is vital to the success of our teams & departments 

The Organizational and Employee Development Team in Human Resources has developed specific courses and training sessions to help supervisors with their own growth and development. The goal is to have supervisors cultivate their own leadership and coaching skills. The training sessions are organized into Learning Journeys, which encompass supervisor foundational skills, managing employees, and how to grow as a leader. Over 300 supervisors participated last year, and we hope to have double the participants this year; reserve your spot today!

There are three Learning Journey tracks to choose from. We recommend the following: 

  • Everyone should start with Learning Journey 1.
  • You do not need to take the courses listed under each Journey in a specific order; you may take the trainings in any order you wish.
  • Key trainings to focus on are: Employee Management and Compliance Essentials, Crucial Conversations and Implicit Bias.
  • Register for the trainings that would be the most applicable for your role and department.
  • We limit to 24 participants per training session.

For more details and information, go to the Supervisor Development page. 

In addition to the Supervisor Development Learning Journeys, we also want to share with you the FranklinCovey All Access Pass. The pass gives you a year-long subscription to access content, courses and resources to help make a greater impact in your role and with your team.

The cost for this year-long all-access pass is $136, which is an extraordinary deal. In the private sector, courses can cost between $400 - $2,000 per training. We share this opportunity with you for your own personal development and to share with your teams/departments for their own professional growth, as well. 

If you need help or have additional questions about the All Access Pass, email