Published: Oct. 16, 2023

On behalf of the President's office, Staff Council has been tasked with submitting a list of interested staff members who wish to be considered for a role on the search committee for the next Chancellor of CU Boulder. As such, Staff Council is conducting an open call for all interested staff to apply for consideration to serve on the committee. Names and application materials will be submitted to the President's office on October 23rd, and the President’s office will make the final selection of staff representatives. Staff Council's goal is to present a diverse pool of applicants which represents the diversity of work, experiences and identities across our over 7,000 staff. Please follow this link to submit an application: Chancellor Search Committee Staff Applications 

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm MT on October 18th. Please reach out to Staff Council with any questions at

Additionally, please find the resolution passed in Executive Committee requesting increased staff representation on the search committee. This resolution has been submitted to our colleagues at UCSC and they have informed us that they have sent it along to the President’s Office with their endorsement.