Published: Oct. 19, 2021

Learn about how the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities document effects you as a staff member
Many staff  interact with faculty on a regular basis. And for those of us that do, you may want to know about an important resource that can help you understand faculty expectations and functions. The “Professional Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty Members and Roles and Professional Responsibilities of Academic Leaders” (PRR for short) is intended to:

  • Protect academic freedom
  • Create a collegial enterprise to help preserve the highest standards of teaching and scholarship
  • Advance the mission of the university as an institution of higher learning

In a recent announcement by Provost Russ Moore, campus administration called for review and understanding of the PRR. We would like to encourage staff to familiarize themselves with this document, which does address expectations of interactions between faculty and staff. 

If you would like an easier way to understand this document, you can take the SkillSoft Course: CU: Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PRR).

You can review the PRR on the Boulder Faculty Affairs website