Published: Oct. 19, 2021

Did COVID affect your options for commuting to campus?  Are you reconsidering that parking permit now that you’re working from home more often?  Here are some updates on transportation options:

RTD Service Changes

Some bus routes were eliminated or reduced due to COVID. RTD is gathering input to inform January 2022 service changes. Email with feedback, then visit their website to stay informed about service change updates.

Boulder BCycle

BCycle is going fully electric by 2022! New or renewed annual memberships for CU staff are now $75; that’s 50% off the annual fee. To get the discount, visit their website, select Annual Pass and use the promo code CURIDES. Make sure you use your email address to sign up!

Lime E-Scooters

If you work on East campus, e-scooters are now an option for short trips east of 28th St. Visit the City of Boulder's website for details on their pilot program, or download the Lime app to start riding. (E-scooters on CU property must be parked at designated hubs.)


CU continues its vanpool program, which at $50.00 a month ($20.00 a month for Front Line Service employees) covers the van, gas, maintenance and parking. All you need to do is coordinate a group of five people, (including one driver/coordinator and a secondary driver) who work similar hours and commute on a similar route. 

If you are interested and want to learn more, email or visit the PTS vanpool website for more details.