Published: Nov. 5, 2019

We at CU should all strive to be an ally in our community. Below we list just a few actions you can take in your day to day life to be a better ally.

Ally (plural allies): (noun) an individual who is not a member of a particular group but who works for the rights of that group; e.g., a white person who works against racism, a man who works against sexism, a heterosexual who works against heterosexism.

  1. Think We instead of us and them. We really are all in this together.
  2. Recognize the skills you have and use those skills for a worthy cause to help others.
  3. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself about groups you don’t belong to: see a film, read a book, listen to a podcast. Share what you have learned with others.
  4. Notice what stereotypes come to YOUR mind. Risk a little bit of discomfort…and you’ll not only help to change the world but you’ll grow as a person.
  5. Be aware of casual comments that perpetuate stereotypes. Ask others to think about them too.
  6. Ask about things that you don’t understand. People may be will be willing to talk with you. Remember you are responsible for your education.
  7. Become media savvy. You can learn a lot of good stuff from the media - and you can learn a lot of misinformation. Learn to tell the difference.
  8. Be willing to help others but don’t assume you know what they need. Ask.
  9. Know your own culture. Everyone has a culture – often multiple cultures.
  10. There are many ways to be active. Do what fits: Sign petitions, attend cultural events, write to officials, write a letter to the editor, march, stuff envelopes. Stretch a little.
  11. Remember, it is not others’ job to assert their identity in a way that is convenient or comfortable for you.
  12. Communities of people exist, but don’t forget: they are made up of individuals like you and me.
  13. Become an active bystander. If you see something, say something. Don’t just let inappropriate comments or actions go. It’s on us - ALL of us!

For more information on how to activate your allyship, you can attend any number of the talks taking place at the CU Diversity Summit, November 12th and 13th.