Published: May 21, 2019

The  candidates made their case, the ballots have all been cast, and the results are tabulated. The Elections Committee verified the outcomes, presented them to the full Council for a vote of approval, and the results are now official.  Staff Council is proud to announce the fifteen winners for each of the open positions for the 2019-2020 CU Boulder Staff Council term.
The following people have been elected to serve three year terms:
Area I           “Jackie” Shing Kit Wong
Area II           Jan Owens
Area III          Megan Alwine
Area IV          Joshua Turnquist
Area V           Alisha Bennett
Area VI          Hannah Simonson
Area VII         Leslie Safadi
Area VIII        Natalia Johnston
Area IX          Ana Martin
At-Large        Jasimine Evans

The following people have been appointed to serve one year at-large terms per the Council By-Laws:

Chris Muldrow
Mark Palacio, Sr.
Cayla Paulson
Megan Perea
Jeni Webster

The following people have been appointed to serve one year terms per the Council By-Laws:

Area I          Philip Bradley
Area II         Caz Margenau
Area VI        Elyse Sutton

Additionally, Kat McGovern has been awarded a lifetime honorary appointment on Staff Council in recognition of her many years of service. Kat will be retiring this year, but will be invited to attend meetings as a non-voting member.

On behalf of the entire Council, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote.  It is primarily through the process of representation that your fellow staff can advocate for you, and voting is key to that process. This year’s voter turnout was slightly less than that of a typical national congressional election, meaning the Council will be working harder to encourage more voting next year.

We are deeply grateful to all the candidates willing to take the time and make the effort to be involved!!  If you were not elected, and so desire, there are still powerful ways you can contribute your positive energy to the staff of CU Boulder.  All Staff Council committees are open for any staff member to join.  Additionally, when vacancies arise due to new job assignments, the Council is tasked with appointing new representatives, and having a pool of ready and willing staff with a record of accomplishment of service provides you with another opportunity to serve with full voting privileges.

Spend some time at the CU Boulder Staff Council website to take a look at the standing committees you might have interest serving on, and see all the ways you can be involved.