Published: March 25, 2019

 Mike Jarest, Claudia Acosta, and Jorge RuelasAs spring comes fully into focus, we find ourselves still in awe of the Colorado snow-covered vistas. Bundling-up and preparing for the day is part of our shared ritual. Imagine for a moment starting your work day long before dawn and adding snow shoveling and ice melt dispensing to your regular work duties. That is exactly what our frontline staff do regularly on snowfall days.

Guadalupe Ramos has been on the custodial team here at CU Boulder for the past three years.  Morning shifts start at 4:30 a.m. and, while the afternoon shifts vary, Guadalupe’s ends at 1:00 pm. Shoveling takes anywhere from one to two hours depending on the amount of snowfall, and our custodial staff may have to bundle-up more than once in a day to remove accumulating snow and ice. And while staff are supplied with a jacket, sweater, and gloves, one thing is certain: it’s hard work and it’s very cold!


Our custodial team includes some of the hardest working staff on campus. The service they provide in taking on these additional duties ensures the safety and welfare of students, faculty, visitors, and staff alike. And their work is often completed behind the scenes so we’re not even aware it’s happening. When Guadalupe was asked what is the best way to show support for the custodial staff, she replied, “Thank you means the most to me.”


Staff Council invites each of you to offer a simple “thank you” to show your appreciation for our custodial teams who go the extra mile in making a positive and direct impact on our campus community.