Published: March 21, 2019

Male student riding his bike on campusHave you ever had a near miss while crossing the street, biking to work, walking across campus or running to the bus? Or maybe you were leaving work and witnessed a skateboarder or cyclist weaving in front of your car or following too closely?  If you’ve experienced or witnessed these or other potential mishaps, the City of Boulder, in partnership with CU Boulder, would like to hear about it.  

The city has created an online form where people can report their “close calls”. Using this form you can describe the incident, indicate on a map the exact spot where it happened, and even upload pictures of the area.

Your reports, along with traffic data and police accident reports, will be used to help CU and the City of Boulder identify countermeasures to reduce collisions and improve transportation and pedestrian safety. Together, we can make the city and campus safer!

Please note: This form is only for ‘close calls’ and does not constitute an official report. If you are involved in an accident where physical contact was made in one form or another, you are by law required to report the incident to the Police Department. For emergencies, dial 911.  

If you are using a smartphone, you can also report the close call using the Inquire Boulder app or website. You’ll find more information here.