Published: Jan. 23, 2019

Lauren Thompson and Chip at the Blood Drive Lauren Thompson happily herds cats. “I have two at home,” she beams. As the new CU Boulder Staff Council Administrator, Lauren’s primary function is attending to the various needs and demands of the thirty-two representatives and six Staff Council committee chairs, making her cat-herding skills decidedly advantageous.  Staff Council represents an astonishingly wide range of employees, and Lauren is the compass and lens that helps keep Staff Council aligned and in focus.

Lauren’s CU connections run deep.  After graduating from CU Boulder in May 2004 with degrees in History and Biology, she applied for work in a lab setting at Bonfils Blood Center. Her interviewer quickly realized that Lauren’s personal communication skills would be better utilized representing the face of the organization, and offered Lauren a position as a Blood Drive Logistics Specialist. Over the next fifteen years, Lauren took on increasing responsibilities within Bonfils, developing a strong relationship with the CU Boulder Staff Council Blood Drive committee along the way.  

Lauren’s lucky number is two—that’s why she has two kids, two cats, two Labrador Retrievers, twenty-two fish in two fish tanks, two degrees, and still maintains two careers. In addition to her Staff Council administrator position, Lauren is a competitive figure skating coach.  A stalwart on the ice for thirty years, both as a competitive skater and as a coach, she derives intense satisfaction from developing the skaters under her tutelage. Whether on the rink or in her CU office, Lauren brings her passion for people and planning every day, and credits her father for her acquired organizational skills. She is devoted to her family and values the time they spend together above all else.

Welcome, Lauren!