Tracking Concentration Transmission Reaction Urine Disinfection

Although urine is sterile when it leaves our body, it will be contaminated when it comes into contact with feces and other toilet parts, thus the need to disinfect. Our prototype uses the fecal pyrolysis exhaust gases and a flat plate solar collector to thermally treat the urine. Pumps recirculate the urine through a shell and tube condenser and the flat plate solar collector to achieve a minimum temperature of 70 oC.

Urine diverting squat plate

urine diverting squat plate

Flatplate solar collector for urine treatment

solar flat plate collector

  • Urine contains the majority of the nutrients (N & P) excreted from our system as well as 158 different chemical components, including electrolytes, nitrogenous compounds, vitamins, hormones, organic acids, and other various compounds.

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