Rocio Deanna
Affiliated Researcher • she/her/hers


Bio: Rocío grew up in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, near Córdoba, Argentina.  She completed a PhD at the University of Córdoba with Dr. Gloria Barboza, and her work focused on the genus Deprea, which includes what was previously Larnax. She and Dr. Barboza are collaborating with Dr. Smith on the Petunieae project, and she is also continuing her systematics research. With funding from the Fulbright Foundation and CONICET, she worked to resolve the phylogeny of the Physalids and trace the history of inflated calyx syndrome (ICS). ICS is best known in Physalis (the 'lantern' fruits), but is actually found in many other physaloids, including Deprea. Rocio is currently leading an NSF-funded project to infer the divergence times of the nightshade family (Solanaceae) using extant and extinct fruits and seeds in a Bayesian framework. You can read more about her project here.