The Graduate Student Advisory Board was created as a mechanism for graduate students to provide the SLHS Department with feedback about what is working well and what could be improved within the three SLHS graduate programs (MA-SLP, AuD, and Ph.D.). The Board will gather information and bring forward those issues and opinions for which there is general consensus among constituents.

The board consists of six members: the SLHS Chair, 2 MA-SLP representatives, 2 AuD representatives, and 1 Ph.D. representative. The full board meets at least one time each academic year and holds additional meetings as needed. The Board representatives meet with their respective constituents at least once each semester typically, these meetings are scheduled mid-semester. Students can communicate with their GSAB representative in two ways: 1) Students can submit their issues and opinions by email or 2) Students can bring forward concerns or issues during the mid-semester meetings that each representative holds.

It should be noted that the GSAB is intended to address ways to improve the SLHS department's programs as a whole.  Issues or concerns about individual students and issues or concerns about faculty behavior are important, but should be directed to the attention of the appropriate faculty member or the SLHS Department Chair.  If you would like additional information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the GSAB or are interested in being a part of the GSAB please read the Graduate Student Advisory Board Guidelines or email the respective GSAB representative. 

Graduate Student Advisory Board Representatives:

MA-SLP Representatives: Emily Conkey and Emily Laff

AuD Representatives: Victoria Rivera and Paige Herbst

PhD Representative: Don Bell-Souder