Allison Hilger
Assistant Professor

Office: SLHS C380

Dr. Hilger’s research investigates impaired speech production in motor speech disorders. More specifically, she looks at how prosody, or the production of pitch, loudness, and timing in speech, is affected in neurological disease or impairment. Additionally, she researches how healthy speakers use auditory feedback of their voice to make adjustments to their speech, and how the use of auditory feedback can become impaired in motor speech disorders. Currently, she directs the CO Motor Speech Lab and is investigating prosody and auditory feedback in individuals with ataxic dysarthria.

Dr. Hilger joined CU-Boulder as an Assistant Professor in 2020 after earning a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and working clinically in Chicago, IL. She utilizes her clinical experience as an ASHA-certified speech language pathologist to investigate translational outcomes for evaluation and treatment in motor speech disorders. In addition to her research, Dr. Hilger teaches undergraduate and graduate classes that include Speech Science and Neurogenic Speech Disorders in Adults.

Curriculum Vita