Central Analytical Laboratory and Mass Spectrometry Facility (CAL)

Facility summary


  • Location: JSCBB C1B90
  • Technology focus: Mass spectrometry
  • Available technology and instruments: Thermo orbitrap instruments, Waters Synapt G2 HDMS qTOF, AB/SCIEX Qtrap 4000, Thermo ISQ GC-MS, Proteomics, Phospho-proteomics, HDX-MS, SRM, MRM​
  • Open to: Internal and external users 

The Central Analytical Laboratory and Mass Spectrometry Facility (CAL) at CU Boulder serves as a resource offering analytical and instructional expertise in mass spectrometry. We offer a wide selection of mass spectrometry services to the research community within the University system and external users to provide scientists with practical training and access to the state-of-the-art instrumentation they need to develop and meet their research interests. ​

We offer a wide range of analytical services: 1) mass determination of small molecules and intact proteins, 2) quantitation of metabolites, 3) proteomics, 4) phospho-proteomics, and 5) hydrogen-exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS). We also offer training for open access to the instruments.​

Thomas Lee

Dr. Thomas Lee
Thank you Thomas for your expertise and for making CAL a world-class facility.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.  THANK YOU!

Former Director of CAL 


Chris Ebmeier

Dr. Chris Ebmeier