Boulder Electron Microscopy Services Core Facility​

Facility summary

 303-492-8402  Website

  • Location: Porter Biosciences​
  • Technology focus: Transmission electron microscopy​
  • Microscope equipment summary: FEI Tecnai F20/Gatan K3, FEI Tecnai F30/Gatan K2 & OneView, FEI Tecnai T12, Wohlwend Compact02 HPF, Leica Ultramicrotomes
  • Open to: University of Colorado, external/industry use​

The BEMS Core Facility (MCDB Department) is an open access user facility that serves the University of Colorado, other non-profit institutions, as well as industry partners worldwide. We have three FEI Tecnai series transmission electron microscopes, two Gatan Direct Detectors, and ancillary equipment for biological specimen preparation. We specialize in room temp and cryo sample preparation, and the acquisition/processing of electron tomography and cryoTEM data. We train facility users to work independently, as well as providing these as a service. ​

Eileen O’Toole, PhD​  Electron Microscopist​

Eileen O’Toole, PhD​
Electron Microscopist​


Garry Morgan

Garry Morgan


Michael Stowell

Michael Stowell, PhD
Faculty Director