The CU Boulder EM Services Core Facility, located in the MCDB department, specializes in transmission electron microscopy imaging and sample preparation of biological specimens.  Services include conventional TEM, electron tomography and cryo-electron microscopy.

The facility carries on the missions of the former Boulder Laboratory for 3D Electron Microscopy of Cells and the MCDB Electron Microscopy Service. Collectively, we have pioneered 3-dimensional imaging of cell and molecular structure by electron tomography and the use of state of the art cryofixation methods by freeze-substitution, freeze-fracture and cryo-EM of vitrified samples.

Supported specimen preparation services include negative staining & plunge freezing (cryoTEM samples), chemical fixation, high-pressure freezing, freeze-substitution, ultramicrotomy of plastic embedded samples, and immuno-labeling.

We welcome investigators from all of the University of Colorado campuses, other academic institutions and the private sector. Users may be trained to operate the microscopes and specimen preparation equipment independently or with assistance from our staff.

We are also happy to offer full specimen preparation and imaging services, particularly to those at other institutions who may not have access to this technology.

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