Shared Equipment Program

Facility summary


  • Technology focus: All tech, small to mid-scale
  • Examples of available equipment: Lyophilizers, pipetting robots, cryostats, gel imagers, balances and scales, centrifuges and rotors, field equipment, PCR and qPCR machines, ovens and desiccators, incubators, water baths, -20 & -80 freezers, warm and cold work rooms … and many more!​
  • Open to: CU Boulder researchers only
  • Departments serving: MCDB, EBIO, IPHY, Psych/Neuro

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BioCore services and equipment are open to all researchers within MCDB, EBIO, IPHY and Psych/Neuro. The BioCore helps researchers in these departments gain access to existing equipment, whether it exists in shared lab spaces managed by the BioCore or in PI labs, at no cost to the researcher and often within a day or two. This reduces the cost of research and expands researcher access to available research equipment, thus expanding the scale and scope of potential research at CU Boulder.​

The BioCore is partnered with campus asset tracking offices, simplifying processes between researchers and asset tracking staff, and reducing administrative burden. ​

Dustin Quandt

Dustin Quandt