Aerobiology & Disinfection Laboratory

Facility summary


  • Location: SEEL 238
  • Technology focus: Disinfection of the built environment
  • Equipment summary: Small, medium and large chambers for aerosol and surface disinfection trials
  • Analytical summary: Direct microscopic, biomarker, genomic and culturing analyses
  • Open to: University, industry and philanthropic partners

The Hernandez Disinfection and Aerobiology lab focuses on the characterization and control of microbiological air pollution and microbially induced corrosion. The lab performs genetic, biochemical and toxicological techniques to assess the efficacy of engineering interventions in sectors of sanitary engineering and industrial hygiene that are relevant to environmental health. There is special focus on aerobiology and fomite science for wide-area surveillance, indoor cleaning technology and the design of disinfection systems in the built environment.

Mark Hernandez

Dr. Mark Hernandez