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To take the step from Youngling to Padawan, a Jedi must take on the task of assembling their own lightsaber. Only then can they truly begin their training. This kit contains the materials you need to create your own custom lighted saber. The design and function are up to you, and you can make your saber even more unique by seeking out exotic building materials from your home, faraway planets, or even the local craft store. Using the kit materials and this method, you can make a Jedi tool that's as truly unique as you are. Building a droid is a right of passage not only for many Jedi, but also for the residents from dozens of planets in the Galaxy. Learn the basic geometric forms a droid can take, and look around your home for inspiration to create a companion of your own. Included in the kit are custom laser-cut cardboard droid panels, control panels, and vents, but don't let that be the limit of your creativity! You can use parts salvaged from the recycling stream—or trash compactor—to give your droid your own unique look.

Recommended Grade Levels: 4-8

Price: $40

Shipping Cost: $8

STEM at Home Kits are available for curbside pick-up and shipping:

  • Curbside pick-up will take place at the SEEC building, Lot 556 (map linked) by appointment only. Once your pick-up time has been scheduled, you'll receive an email from CU Science Discovery confirming the date and time for your scheduled pick-up. Do not arrive for curbside pick-up until you have received an email confirming your scheduled date and time.  
  • If you select the shipping option at checkout, your kit will be shipped via USPS within two weeks of your order being placed. 

Questions? Please reach out via email or leave call back information at 303.492.7188.