Attend Your Meeting

Once SCCR receives notice of a policy violation you will receive a letter about a conduct meeting. This is your chance to tell a hearing officer your side of the incident that generated the notice of policy violation. It is a good idea to go talk to the hearing officer, so they can more fully understand the incident at hand.

If you choose not to attend the hearing a decision will be made in your absentia based on the information available to the hearing officer. If you have any questions about the meeting you can contact SCCR at

Student Conduct and Court

When students receive tickets or are charged with a violation of city, state, or federal law, that student may also be referred to Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution. Students at CU Boulder are accountable to both local, state, and federal laws as well as the policies of the University, which means that a student may be held accountable by both systems. The university conduct system will proceed in a timely manner regardless of the court proceedings. The university process and its outcomes do not determine whether a student will be found responsible for any violations of law. Similarly, even if a student is not found responsible for a violation of law, the student may be found responsible for a violation of university policy.

A student may elect not to meet with Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution or remain silent in the meeting, but the university is still able to make a decision about the potential violation of policy even if the student chooses not to participate.