Are you advising a CU Boulder student who is facing a student conduct violation? Here is what you need to know.

What students can be disciplined for

Students can be disciplined by CU Boulder if they are found to have violated any university policies, such as:

Who students can bring to a conduct process meeting

CU Boulder students may bring an advisor of their choice, including but not limiting to, an advocate, attorney, or other person who is not a potential witness or could otherwise compromise the process to any conduct process meeting in the formal resolution process. Students bringing an advisor must complete a release of information form for that person.

What the advisor's role is

Advisors are not permitted to speak for, or on behalf of, the responding student during any phase of the conduct process. This includes during meetings in the formal resolution process. However, with permission from the conduct officer, advisors may make a statement and/or ask questions of the responding student to present relevant information after the conduct officer has completed discussions with the responding student.