10.5-inch Bausch Refracting Telescope with the first manager, Dorothy Trotter

10.5-inch Bausch Refracting Telescope with the first SBO manager, Dorothy Trotter.

The original instrument to occupy the 25-foot diameter dome was the 10.5-inch Bausch refracting telescope (f/15.5) installed in the brand new observatory in 1953. 

Bausch & Lomb Company gave the University of Colorado a 10.5-inch refractor, formerly the property of Carl L. Bausch. The telescope was designed by George Saegmuller, a B&L designer, in 1912. Previously, the telescope had stood on the top of a B&L building in Rochester, New York, until about 1941. The telescope was operational at SBO from 1953-1971.

In 1971, the University received a grant from the Science Development Program of the National Science Foundation to purchase a new telescope. At that time, the 10.5-inch Bausch telescope was removed and dismantled, the mounting being placed in the lobby Fiske Planetarium and the objective glass was used to construct a solar telescope which was installed on the roof of the Duane Physics Building.