10.5-inch Bausch Refracting Telescope with the first manager, Dorothy Trotter

10.5-inch Bausch Refracting Telescope with the first SBO manager, Dorothy Trotter.

The original instrument to occupy the 25-foot diameter dome was the 10.5-inch Bausch refracting telescope (f/15.5) installed in the brand new observatory in 1953. Bausch & Lomb Company gave the University of Colorado a 10.5-inch refractor, formerly the property of Carl L. Bausch. The telescope was designed by George Saegmuller, a B&L designer, in 1912. Previously, the telescope had stood on the top of a B&L building in Rochester, New York, until about 1941. The telescope was operational at SBO from 1953-1971.


In 1971, the University received a grant from the Science Development Program of the National Science Foundation to purchase a new telescope. At that time, the 10.5-inch Bausch telescope was removed and dismantled, the mounting being placed in the lobby Fiske Planetarium and the objective glass was used to construct a solar telescope which was installed on the roof of the Duane Physics Building. Following the renovation of Fiske Planetarium in 2013, the telescope was removed with plans to refurbish it and put it on exhibit in Old Main.