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Advisory Board Member • Instructor
LTI Optics

Mark Jongewaard started as an illumination engineer at Lighting Technologies, Inc. (LTI) in 1989, later becoming vice president, director of the optics division and part owner until 2006, when LTI was sold to Musco Sports Lighting. Since the sale, Jongewaard and business partner Ryan Kelley led the formation of LTI Optics (LTIO), which spun off from Musco and continues the optics related business from LTI. This includes the development and sale of Photopia — the most widely used optical design software in the architectural lighting industry, used in 44 different countries around the world — as well as providing optical design services for illumination based (non-imaging) optical systems. He currently is president and principal of LTIO.

Jongewaard has extensive experience in lighting software development, lighting and optical analysis, and illumination optical design and training. His broad experience in lighting analysis and algorithm development influenced the calculation modules in all of LTI's products, including Photopia, Lumen-Micro and Lumen Designer. Through the sales and support of the Photopia software, his work on optical design projects, and his roles as training seminar instructor, Jongewaard has maintained close personal relationships with the R&D departments of lighting manufacturers around the world. This position has provided him with a unique perspective of the global lighting industry and insights into its major contributors.