Graduate-Level Education for Industry Professionals

Grow your understanding and proficiency in lighting with a three-course certificate that blends online learning with a week-long on-campus intensive.

The professional graduate Architectural Lighting Certificate is offered by the University of Colorado Boulder to non-degree students from the professional community to help them build their confidence and competence, contribute more fully to their companies, and further advance their careers. Depth of understanding and proficiency grows throughout a two-semester online course sequence that begins in September and ends in April. The certificate program culminates in a capstone course that includes hands-on practical experience with lighting measurements, equipment, and software tools during an on-campus week-long intensive as part of the six-week course in July/August. The Architectural Lighting Certificate is awarded by the University of Colorado to students who complete this series of three 3-credit courses.

COST: The professional graduate Architectural Lighting Certificate is made up of three courses. The tuition cost for each course is $1,950 for a total cost of $5,850. No student fees are assessed for Architectural Lighting certificate courses. Please note that tuition does not cover travel, meals, or lodging costs for the on-campus intensive as part of the Architectural Lighting Captsone. For more information on tuition, timeline, and how to apply, please visit the Registration Page.

ATTENTION Prospective International Students: We are seeking approval through the US Department of State to enable travel to the US for students in this certificate program (the third course in the certificate requires in-person attendance). As of today, we are not accepting applications from international candidates who require the I-20 form. However, international students who already hold the appropriate status and are able to travel to Boulder are welcome to apply (students who are already in the US with another type of visa that allows them to study, or who have a student visa from another university and are interested in adding the architectural lighting certificate).