"RMLA provides a comprehensive course of all relevant aspects of the lighting industry. I found the sessions fascinating and engaging. I would recommend this course to everyone in the lighting profession."  -- RMLA Participant


Teaching imagesThe technical course provides a solid theoretical background in vision, color, photometry, optics and lighting technology.

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You should take this course if you work in . . .

  •  product development or manufacturing and want more depth in vision, color, optics and photometry

  • technical sales and want to better understand the basis for many of the technical terms and metrics used in lighting

  • electrical engineering or technically-oriented lighting design consulting firms and want to better balance the technical aspects of lighting with the design aspects

You should take this course because you want to . . .

  • gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of visual performance, visual perception, photometry, color and optics, including an overview of non-visual effects of light

  • acquire hands-on experience with photometric measurements

  • explore the foundations and applications of important lighting metrics, including the new IES TM-30 color metrics

  • sharpen your software skills through hands-on experience with popular software packages

  • learn the latest about emerging lighting technologies, such as LED luminaires and lighting controls

  • gain an appreciation for lighting design and the aesthetics of light

This may not be the right course for you if . . .

  • you are a designer who is primarily interested in the art of lighting

  • you love hands-on creative mock-ups but don’t enjoy calculations and analyses

  • you are a highly experienced optical engineer working in lighting with a good grasp of important lighting metrics (but then again, a refresher never hurts!)


Course Details:

  • Thursday, September 28 - Sunday, October 1

  • Course begins at 8:30 AM on Thursday (continental breakfast available at 8:00 AM)

  • Course ends at 1:00 PM on Sunday (Travel from DIA not be scheduled before 3:00 PM)

  • Coffee and pastries, break snacks and lunch included

  •  Evening reception and farewell lunch included

  • Cost of course is $2,000, with discounts available for early registration


RMLA Faculty:

Walter Beamer, Teal Brogden, Bob Davis, David DiLaura, Mark Jongewaard, Jill Mulholland, Jeff Quinlan, Gary Trott, Sandra Vasconez